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Selling a house is no easy feat, it takes time, effort and most importantly knowledge, and we have worked endlessly to make sure all of those work in conjunction into offering the best service to our clients and making sure they are able to sell their home and have an easy going process in which they are informed as well as in control of as much as possible!
It’s not about putting up a yard sale, it’s about connections, networking, marketing and more, and we are more than prepared to jump into this journey with you right away, making sure we can work it out till the house is completely sold!


When it comes to Real Estate, there’s a big friend of it that makes it work perfectly, and that is marketing, so when it comes to selling a home we work really hard and we focus of making sure your home moves up into the right clients faces, by making sure our marketing is top notch, from Facebook ads, to calling our colleagues to offer their clients the property, we make sure to knock on each and every door smartly to make sure we are able to close on it as fast as possible.

Sold Portfolio:

You can check out our list of sold properties as well as to see what strategies we have used on them as a proof of what we can do for you and your family in this process. In it you will see how we have grown and how many other new strategies we have been implementing through the years.

What’s your home worth?

We have an amazing system that helps us know exactly how much can your home sell for, and if you are interested in finding that out, you can make sure to click right here and we’ll send you the information right away to make sure you know exactly how much your home can sell for right now!

Escrow and Closing Costs:

As we take care of everything from a legal standpoint, these are not something you will work with directly! However, we can definitely let you know how they work, an escrow is an amount of money that’s put on a third party to ensure the process of the sale goes smoothly, and that amount of money will be held by that third party till the process is over and the house is closed! The closing costs work directly with the escrow, and is part of the legal process paid by either one of the parties.



Founded in 2004 by Carlos Zapata, Looking Caza is a Real Estate company located in Virginia and Florida, We are specialized in realtor services using our long experience on buying and selling properties while supporting our customers in every step of the process of making one of their biggest financial decisions and helping them to choose the best one for them.

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