Fairfax County

The market just keeps getting better and better in Virginia, and if you are interested in moving in here, Prince William County might be the perfect place for you right now! It’s still in that sweet spot between Washington D.C. and Virginia, this area has so many plus that will make moving here such an amazing idea for those looking into buying their very first house, this can be your golden area, and the right one to grow your family in!


The County of Fairfax is served by its own public school system, to which the county’s government allocates a 52.2% of its fiscal budget, so you can rest assured that it will have a good service, as well as it has state and federal contribution along as well as citizen and corporate, and all of this brings the school system to $2.2 billion! And it spends around $13k on each student! This county also has the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, which is a Virginia Governor’s School, and this school is constantly ranking at or near the top of all schools because it’s so absolutely amazing.


This is the place where the government is the one providing the jobs, and quite honestly it works perfectly for the way this County is made, since a big chunk of the jobs offered are government based, which only translates to how close it is to Washington DC, and the best part is that there’s a high income, so it brings in a ton of highly educated workers.


This is a very rich community, filled with highly educated people who constantly make it move to a higher and higher standard! This is the right place to help you motivate yourself and your future kids into a much more amazing field of work!



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