In Miami and its surrounding region, you can find as many neighborhoods and types of properties as there are lifestyles. This variety is what makes Miami charming. Everyone finds his dream in the magic city!

As soon as you begin your research, you will be surprised by the variety of what’s available: lively or quiet districts, central or suburban, urban or ‘’green’’, close to the beach or view of the bay, islands, private communities, shops, boat access, walking neighborhoods, tennis or golfing, close to schools, business centers or airports. All these criteria are ways to better understand your needs and guide you through your research.

Thanks to the new Barnes International Realty interactive website, we invite you to submit your criteria. We are then able to send you our recommendations. The more you are precise in your submissions, the sharper the results.

Just as each neighborhood comes with a different lifestyle, you’ll also find properties suited to your personal preferences: whether skyscrapers or small boutique buildings, townhouses, without gardens, old/modern buildings, 1920s or 50s, Mimo (60s Miami) or contemporary, virtually anything you want. Now, the choice is yours!